TinToy | Film & Video Production Cape Town

Who We Are

TinToy is a film production company that cover branded content and commercials. Situated in Cape Town, we are a full in-house production company with our own post production facilities and sound studio. This means quicker turnaround times and often more cost-effective projects. In an ever changing and competitive world of advertising, we know every brief is urgent. Thats why we fully understand and appreciate clients’ need for not only top quality produced content, but content delivered quickly and efficiently too.
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We’re a close-knit group intent on creating a fun working environment, but what we really drives us is our passion for doing what we do and involving our whole team to not only push ourselves individually but ensuring that our best work is put into every project..




Warren Ferreira


Although our people’s person is on the Business side, he is still actively involved in the creative process.


Ian Morgan

Director / Writer

AKA Bean, Ian is our Ideas man, known for his quirky and off-beat style.


Dayne Malan


His good eye, and love for the camera, often helps him to find a solution, where others see a problem.


Duran Barnett

Head of Post Production

There is never a problem that can't be solved with this Tech savvy guy.


Justin Hess


Our office Film buff, always injecting creativity into all our work.


Fanon Mulume

Junior Editor

Fanon started out as an intern & is now our full time Junior Editor.


Chris Bornman

Sound Designer

Always there to make people laugh, Chris brings pictures to life with his talent for sound and music.


Kirk Morgan


Not only is he a master at VFX, but he has also got an extremely good eye for the camera.


Annchen Thotharam

Casting Co-ordinator

The only sane person in the office, Annchen is constantly looking out for new talent.