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Constantly Imagining unique new ideas to bring your vision to life.

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TinToy is a film production company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are a full team with the capability of handling a video in it's entirety from pre to post production..

We specialize in working with our clients to create the very best videos, commercials, AV's and documentaries. We offer a full in house studio with casting facilities, two studios, a sound studio as well as an edit and vfx suite. Our talented team are all fully capable in their respective fields and under TinToy we all share the same mission of not only matching clients expectations, but in fact exceeding them. Contact us to get started on your next project.


This stage is all about the idea – the vision, the heart and soul of a production. We all believe that it’s through imagination that great projects are born.


This is where we brainstorm around your vision. By fleshing it out and perfecting the concept, we’ll make sure that your idea is ready for production.


This is where we turn your gem into something real. Using cutting-edge tools and technology, we’ll produce a digital product that truly brings your vision to life.